Special Offers

Grateful Pet are excited to introduce a number of different special offers to make your pet happy and your life easier.


Reoccurring Delivery:

Have your pet food delivered automatically on a personalized customized schedule

We will work with you to set up a customized reoccurring delivery schedule for recurring delivery that fits your individual needs. You can make changes, cancel or update your future deliveries at anytime.

Afraid of commitments?  
No worries! You can always adjust your frequency at any time. We’ll send you an e-mail at Robert@GratefulPetIndy.com reminder a few days before your next scheduled delivery and if you don’t need a delivery quite yet, you can push it back a week or two! Just call or e-mail Grateful Pet and we’ll handle the rest.

Reoccurring Delivery is simply the most dependable, convenient and trouble-free way to get pet delivery to your do

Check out the benefits of Reoccurring Delivery


Treat of the Month:

Each month you’ll find special savings on foods, toys, supplements, or supplies with Monthly Features.

Enjoy these promotional savings each month as we choose from the best our suppliers have to offer. Supplies often are limited, so these promotional prices are offered while supplies last.

Check Out Treat of Month options

Bone Yard Sales:

Check out our Bone Yard Sale!!  These are Limited Items at Reduced Prices and Quantities.  Please contact us if you are interested in these items.

Last Chance Boneyard items that are short-dated or expiring within 30 days at savings up to 50%.

Enjoy these promotional savings each month as we choose from the best our suppliers have to offer. Supplies often are limited, so these promotional prices are offered while supplies last.

Check out products listed in the Bone Yard!

Seasonal Specials and Products:

Seasonal specialty items that we chosen to make your pet happy and celebrate.

Check out seasonal products available

Please let us know if there is a special item you are looking for and we will look for availability.


Referral Special:

Referral discounts save you money,  give you the opportunity to earn free food, and spread the convenience of Grateful Pet to your family and friends.

Introduce your friends to Grateful Pet and you’ll both benefit. Each friend who places an order will receive a $2 referral discount on their first order. You’ll earn a $2 referral credit on your next order as well.

If you’d like to take the best advantage of referral discounts, just ask for some gift certificates to pass along to your friends. When redeemed, you’ll both save some money!

There is no limit to how much you can earn in referral discounts!


Special Orders or Special Requests

Looking for a specific food that isn’t currently listed on our website?  Have you seen a special toy? Are you searching for a favorite treat? Just ask!

If there’s something of value to you, chances are some of our other clients can benefit from it as well. We are always looking to add new products.

We’ll be happy to research availability and give you a price quote. Most foods and other items can be available for delivery within 1-2 weeks.

Make special requests your pet we love sniffing out new stuff!


Frequent Buyer Programs:

We honor all manufacturer Frequent Buyer Programs for foods that we carry.

These programs, also known as Frequent Feeder Programs, allow you to save money or earn a free bag of food simply by saving your UPC seals or receipts.

Each program has its own requirements which need to be followed in order to participate. These rules have a tendency to change over time, so be sure to follow instructions carefully.

Most programs require that you purchase the same size and formula package to meet their conditions. You’ll then either forward the “proofs of purchase” and program card directly to the manufacturer, or us, and earn your reward!

The following manufacturers are among the programs we currently offer. If you’d like to know whether a different manufacturer is currently offering a program, please let us know.

  • Fromm


As always, Grateful Pet will bring any product on our website right to your door with out a delivery fee.

No need to go to the store, Grateful Pet brings it to your door.