World’s Best Cat Litter Advanced Natural Cat Litter


Advanced Natural clumping cat litter quickly traps solids and liquids into small clumps that don’t break up. That means less wasted litter and easier scooping for you!



Try the clumping cat litter that simplifies cleanup with added ingredients for better clumping. Made with a special blend of naturally absorbent plant fibers, this multiple cat strength litter promises powerful odor control and smaller, tighter clumps. Say goodbye to scraping the bottom of the litter box!

Key Benefits

  • More powerful odor control
  • No airborn silica dust
  • Smaller, tighter clumps
  • Safer for pets, people and the planet
  • Absorbs more liquid
  • Long lasting
  • Not strip mined
  • Lighter material

Size: 24 lb and 12 lb bags.

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