Personalized Reoccurring Delivery

Grateful Pet Personalized Reoccurring Delivery to meet your needs!

  • Setup personalized reoccurring delivery and your food is delivered automatically according to your personalized schedule.
  • Reoccurring Delivery is simply the most dependable, convenient and trouble-free way to get pet food to your door

The magically simple way to have your pet’s favorite food delivered 

Reoccurring Delivery offers you pet food with peace of mind and unmatched convenience. You’ll find yourself smiling as pet food greets you at the door.

Enjoy knowing your pet’s food and supplies will reliably appear as promised, each and every time.

Each schedule is prepared based on your specific needs and can be adjusted or canceled at any time

Unlike mail order or online services, your order is handled locally by Grateful Pet from start to finish. No third party fulfillment services or common carriers are used for local deliveries. Grateful Pet  has one goal in mind your satisfaction!

From order confirmation to arrival at your door, you’re kept up to date should any type of issue arise.

Not sure what interval to use for a schedule?

Your schedule can easily be prepared based on past orders or current food usage. You are never forced to choose from pre-determined delivery intervals. Unsure of how to begin? A simple conversation will uncover enough information to get started.

Once your reoccurring delivery begins, it can be tweaked as often as needed until everything works like clockwork. No worries about building up a backlog of food or running low. Just keep us posted and adjustments will be made as often as needed.

Sign up for reoccurring delivery service and receive “price protection”

As manufacturers raise their food prices, you automatically receive the quoted website whenever the adjustment is effective within 4 weeks of your scheduled delivery.

Include the Treat of the Month or cat litter to your auto-delivery service for the ultimate in convenience and savings!

Grateful Pet always delivers.  The joy of never running out of pet food and never having to make a trip to the store.

Enjoy the full benefits of Auto-Delivery with Grateful Pet

  • Peace of mind— never run out of food again
  • Convenience— no more lugging heavy bags, waiting in line, or sitting in traffic
  • No Risk— no contracts or long term commitments
  • Price Protection— delay manufacturer price increases
  • No surprises— avoid last minute out-of-stock issues
Ready to sign up for reoccuring delivery? 

Just mention it with your next order if you’re currently receiving deliveries. We’ll use your recent order history to prepare a schedule and be good to go!

Starting from scratch? No problem! Use your preferred method to get in touch and we’ll get started. Feel free to an email to or call us at 317-670-0847

However you choose to begin, you’ll be glad you did!


As always, Grateful Pet will bring this and every other product on our website right to your door with out a delivery fee.

No need to go to the store, Grateful Pet brings it to your door.