3 Rules of Dog Walking Etiquette

3 Rules of Dog Walking Etiquette

This sweet spot between summer and fall is a great time of year for walking your dog. Following the right etiquette practices and being responsible with your pet can make these outings fun for both of you—as well as anyone else you might encounter on your walk!

Dog walking etiquette is pretty straight-forward when you follow these three simple rules. Review the best practices for this type of exercise, then grab any additional supplies you might need. Grateful Pet can help you walk your dog like a pro.

  1. Keep Fido Leashed

Be safe on your walks by making sure your dog stays right at your side. Letting your puppy run off can be dangerous around traffic—even in quiet neighborhood settings. Crossing on to another pet’s property might invite trouble, as well. The leash is for protection, but it’s also just good manners to prevent any trespassing.

Depending on your environment, you might want a shorter, nylon leash to keep your pet close. If you have a little more flexibility with the distance, a retractable leash might work well. We love the leash styles from Wigzi because they come in fun, bright colors. Depending on your dog’s size, your leash can extend from 13 to 16 feet.

  1. Clean Up—Every Time

It’s normal for dogs to “do their business” while on walks, so be sure to keep a collection of bags to clean up after they go. No one wants to see that mess by the sidewalk! Responsible dog owners know how to respect their environment and neighbors. Dispose of the waste in a public trash bin, or wait to throw it away until you get home—your neighbors won’t appreciate an extra “surprise” in their own trashcan.

We really like these eco-friendly dog waste baggies from Van Ness because they’re made from 100% recycled plastic. They even have a lemon scent built-in to disguise odors. Take them with you whenever you go out for a stroll. It’s always better to be prepared, right?

  1. Respect Your Distance

Strange as it might seem, not everyone may love your pet—or even dogs in general. In addition to wearing their collar and leash, make sure your pup knows how to keep their distance when walking past other pedestrians, joggers, or cyclists. These people aren’t looking to start a game of chase with your dog, so make sure they don’t get the chance. Keeping a few crunchy dog treats in your pocket is always helpful to reinforce positive interactions.

Of course, other dog walkers might welcome a quick doggie greeting, but it’s best to keep these interactions brief. It’s not fun getting leashes tangled, and you can never quite predict how your dog might behave around unfamiliar dogs.

Get Your Supplies from Grateful Pet

Once you and your dog have some practice on short and long walks, all you need to do is keep your supplies stocked. Ordering from Grateful Pet makes the process easy. We always offer Free Local Delivery to customers in the greater Indianapolis area. That way, you’ll be sure to get your pet supplies fast.

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