Naturally Fresh Kitten Litter



Sometimes training a kitten to use the litter box can be a challenge, but with the powerful blend of natural herbs found in Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Kitten Training Quick-Clumping Cat Litter, you can teach your kitten to begin using the litter box quickly and easily. This biodegradable litter provides a simple, safe and natural solution that can work wonders. A proprietary mix of fibrous materials found in walnut shells provides superior odor control and creates harder clumps for easier scooping. Plus, unlike clay litter, Naturally Fresh has virtually no dust and won’t stick to your kitten’s paws.

Key Benefits

  • Proprietary blend of fibrous materials found in walnut shells neutralizes litter box odors
  • Super-absorbent formula produces harder clumps for simple and mess-free clean-up
  • Virtually dust-free for easy breathing
  • Doesn’t stick to paws so it’s not tracked throughout the house
  • Made without any harmful ingredients so it’s safe for you and your kitten
  • All of the walnut shells are homegrown in the USA
  • Natural and biodegradable formula is an annually renewable non-food agricultural product
  • Made in the USA

Size: 14 lb

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