American Colloid Premium Choice Lightweight Scoopable Cat Litter


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American Colloid Premium Choice Lightweight Scoopable Cat Litter

New Premium Choice True Lightweight hard clumping litter is 50% lighter then the leading lightweight litter. It’s made with an advanced blend of natural starch and clay. The natural starch is coated with clay to provide hard clumps at half the weight. It’s 99% dust free, eliminates odors and has a fresh scent. Premium Choice True Lightweight Litter gives more volume per pound than most national brand lightweight litters and provides equivalent performance to the leading national brand!

Cat owners can now use Premium Choice Lightweight Scoopable Cat Litter for even more absorbency in multiple cat households. Extra controls odors and mess, as its unique clay formula allows for complete removal of liquid and solid waste with virtually no dust.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect for households with multiple cats. Not only does this product have superior clumping but it also has low-tracking and low dust.
  • Premium choice litter contains the fewest additives possible and is all-natural, naturally.
  • The clay is produced directly by Premium Choice. They mine, convert, package and deliver their own clay.
  • Fresh Scent, Elimates Orders, 99% Dust Free
  • Made With An Advanced Blend Of Natural Starch and Clary
  • Natural Starch Is Coated With Clay To Provide Hard Clumps At Half The Weight
  • Made In The USA

Available Size: 14 lb

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