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3 Types of Small Animal Bedding

3 Types of Small Animal Bedding

Do you have a small animal like a mouse, gerbil, guinea pig, hamster, or rabbit for a pet? Small animals make a great pet for people who don’t want the commitment of owning a dog. After all, you don’t have to walk a small pet. However, when it comes to small animal bedding, the needs of a small pets are different than those of a cat or dog. Small animals need a cozy cage with soft bedding. The bedding provides them with comfy place to nest and sleep. Plus, it gives them warmth and protection, especially when they want to burrow into the bedding. And, it absorbs waste and keeps your pet’s cage dry and odor free in between cleanings. Here are three common types of small animal bedding: Wood Shavings Bedding Some pet owners like to use wood shavings, such as pine, cedar and aspen, for their small animal’s bedding. Wood shavings are inexpensive and readily available at most pet stores. They can be quite absorbent and provide decent odor control. Wood shavings come in different textures such as fine-cut soft shreds, or big, thick chucks. The texture can make a difference in your pet’s comfort since larger shavings may be harder for your pet to walk on. Wood shavings can be dusty and contain aromatic oils that can cause respiratory and other health issues (gastrointestinal, urinary tract and skin) in some small animals. Also, wood shavings may aggravate any allergies you have, too. And the oils can get on your hands when changing bedding. Aspen and kiln-dried wood shavings tend to be less dusty. And with kiln-dried...
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