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Grateful Pet is a convenient, new way to order your pet food online and have it delivered to your door! We offer easy access to high quality pet foods along with our recurring delivery program that ensures you never run out of food. Best of all… delivery is ALWAYS free!!

Simply tell us what type of food your dog or cat likes. (And the little extra treats too!) Then tell us how often you want it delivered and POOF! Grateful Pet will deliver everything right to your door.

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How Therapeutic Diets Can Benefit Your Pet

How Therapeutic Diets Can Benefit Your Pet

Generally, our pets are living longer lives just as we are. This longer life expectancy is likely due to our love for our furry friends and our willingness to go to almost any lengths to help keep our pets happy and healthy. As our four-legged family members age and change, their dietary needs change, too. Today, more veterinarians are prescribing therapeutic diets for animals to help control, alleviate and overcome diseases and other conditions pets may have. How Does Special Pet Foods Work? Typically, all pet foods manufactured for the over-the-counter market are required to meet minimum and maximum nutritional levels set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). However, to treat certain diseases, specific ingredients may be used and/or the nutrients must to be modified based on the medical condition. Modification may mean that a specific nutrient is added or eliminated from the food to help manage your pet’s condition. For example, if your cat has kidney disease, therapeutic cat food would contain little to no phosphate, because food with a high phosphate level can accelerate kidney failure. Therefore, you would want to feed your cat a special diet that contains less phosphate to protect your cat’s kidneys from further damage and to slow the progress of the disease. It’s important to note that therapeutic pet food doesn’t contain actual medications. The pet food has just been formulated to target specific processes related to a specific illness/condition. For example, a therapeutic diet can cause changes in your pet’s digestion, immune responses, blood pressure, kidney function, liver metabolism or blood glucose levels, depending upon the illness being...
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