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5 Pet Treats Good for Your Cat or Dog

5 Pet Treats Good for Your Cat or Dog

Pet treats aren’t just about indulging in dessert. They’re are actually a lot more useful than say, a piece of chocolate cake. Unlike our “people treats,” most treats for pets aren’t made just for taste. Giving treats can help strengthen the emotional bond you have with your cat or dog, and actually be pretty healthy for them! 5 Different Types of Pet Treats You can use treats for positive reinforcement with your pet or just offer them as rewards throughout the week. Either way, it’s a good idea to look for high-quality pet treats and ingredients that serve more than one purpose. Obviously, you want the treat to taste good for your pet—but what other benefits can it bring to the table? Pet Treats to Mask Medicine If your pet needs some extra encouragement to take their prescription medicine, you might try hiding their pill in a treat. Chewy pet treats are great because you can usually mold the treat around the medicine. Nutro Chewy Treats come in apple, banana, blueberry, and peanut butter varieties to satisfy even the pickiest of pets. Choose a flavor your dog or cat loves so they’ll take their medicine without a fuss. Dental Treats for Cats and Dogs Lots of dogs enjoy chewing, and certain pet treats are specifically designed to make chewing even more fun and useful for your pup. Having a bag of dental chews on hand for your dog lets you give them a new activity in the evening after a walk or playtime. Crunchy treats can act like a “toothbrush” for cats, too. The texture of these Halo Cat...
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